ARST Article of the Year Award


The Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology's (ARST) Article of the Year Award recognizes the most outstanding rhetoric of science and technology-related article published the preceding calendar year. Criteria for selection include:

1) How well the article extends practical and theoretical knowledge related to the rhetoric of science and technology?

2) The article’s potential for cross-disciplinary fertilization

3) The article’s potential for teaching future generations of rhetoric of science and technology scholars

4) The overall quality of writing and thinking.



Nominations should be sent by someone well acquainted with the nominee's work. Self-nominations are encouraged.


The nomination must include the following material (copies will not be returned):

--a cover letter recommending the article for the award (limited to two pages and providing a detailed rationale for why the person should receive the award)

--the nominee’s vita

--the article being nominated


Up to three letters supporting the nomination may optionally be included.


Send nominations electronically to John Lynch, Award Committee Chair at


This year, the awards committee consists of John Lynch (chair), Lynda Walsh, and Scott Graham. Nominations for the 2013 award, which honors work published during 2012, should be sent as a Microsoft Word or PDF e-mail attachment and received by May 15, 2013. Announcements of the winners will be made by August 15 of each year. Recipients will be recognized at the ARST business meeting and will receive a one-year membership to ARST.


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